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We aim to be the leading full stack technology integrator in the flexibility space of the energy transition

Noriker Power is a dynamic and pioneering renewable energy company.
Sustainability is at the heart of our culture.

We have come a long way together, with a strong team culture, sometimes competitive, always thriving in solving tough and complex problems.

Established in 2015, we have since advanced and built over 300MW of large-scale battery storage and hybrid energy facilities in support of a renewable grid. This is enough to stabilise 5GW of wind power, which in turn can power over 250,000 homes!

To enhance the benefits we provide, our energy storage assets are optimised through market trading, smoothing fluctuations of imbalance between demand and renewable generation.

We supply the support that helps renewables displace nearly all generation by fossil fuels.

Our unique IP lies in our integration of technology through which we achieve our commitment to sustainability, from our early days pioneering the first large scale commerical battery projects in the UK, to our first-of-kind Konik mobile battery system successfully supporting Coldplay's Music of the Spheres world tour.

Noriker Power develops assets from inception through to operations and revenue generation. We are a vertically integrated developer and service provider, which we see as the solution to drive efficiency and quality in the fast-growing energy storage sector. Konik Mobile Batteries have successfully supported Coldplay's world tour,...

The solution for driving efficiency and quality is vertical integration.

Battery storage optimisation Energy storage Dynamic containment

Our history

Noriker’s first site in partnership with Equinor, Blandford Road, reached its Commercial Operations Date early in 2024 marking a big step in our relationship with Equinor. Alongside this, the Cheltenham Ice Rink, which our Mobile Battery powered and optimised, ended with our unit saving vast amounts of fuel and lowering local emissions from previous events.

From projects in earlier stages, full planning permission was granted for our biggest site to date at 350 MW. Noriker also entered a tender process for four Synchronous condenser sites in Ireland and we are awaiting the outcome.

We celebrated 2023 by moving to the center of Cheltenham, a beautiful spa town on the edge of the famous Cotswolds. We occupy the entire fourth floor with a 360-degree view of central Cheltenham, overlooking Imperial Gardens.

As well as breaking ground on two battery projects for Equinor, Noriker developed six Low Carbon Inertia Services projects in Ireland and continued to add to its multi-GW battery pipeline.

Equinor and Noriker enter a development co-operation agreement. The agreement includes the acquisition of a 45% stake in Noriker by Equinor, with an option to acquire the full company at a later stage.

In addition to the equity investment, Equinor are granted he opportunity to directly participate in projects being matured by Noriker.

With the deal signed in December 2021, 2022 sees the partnership come to fruition, with a pipeline of new collaborative projects.

Our first Scottish site, a 30MW pure battery project at Byers Brae, was commissioned and put into commercial operation in March 2021, bringing the total battery storage and hybrid projects constructed and commissioned to date to over 250MW.

Noriker was one of just two companies in the UK to go live at the launch of National Grid's challenging Dynamic Containment service in September 2020, thanks to our innovative approach in the design and implementation of our proprietary control system. In spite of the Covid interruptions, Noriker built two major battery storage projects, adding a further 100MW.

With our trading desk completed, the team began 24/7 operations, marking the final stage of Noriker's vertical integration ambition.

In March 2019, Noriker commissioned a longer duration pure battery facility located in the heart of the West Midlands. The project design was responding to changing market conditions that envisaged a greater role in Asset Optimisation and the Balancing Mechanism, partly due to a fall in DFFR prices.

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Culture of Excellence

Our distinct culture, which unites us, is the key to our success


Commitment, accompanied by a clear vision and purpose, is key to cultivating a sense of shared responsibility and shared ownership within Noriker.

We are committed to the Energy Transition, fostering collaboration, and promoting an open and transparent workplace.


We are creating an environment of excellence where members can perpetually learn and adapt to new challenges.

By promoting a mindset of ownership, our teams demonstrate competency in their delivery of high-quality work and can take pride in their achievements.


We believe that character is vital in shaping a healthy and positive working culture.

Colleagues with strong character exhibit a positive and enthusiastic influence on others, inspiring and fostering a supportive environment.

We value a high degree of integrity, accountability, and respect in our interactions.

Our Team

We are proud of our people. We are more than just a team; we are a synergy of like-minded professionals, each contributing a unique skill set to create a force that pushes out the limits.

We thrive on challenges that others shy away from. Our winning team transforms obstacles into opportunities and dreams into reality.

If you're looking for a place to break the boundaries, you've found it.

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