Control System Software

Innovative Noricore Control System Software in action, showcasing advanced technology for efficient energy management

Controls & System Integration

Noricore dashboard showcasing data-driven technology for superior power delivery system management

Technological Superiority through Data-Driven Integration

A data-driven approach has enabled Noriker to become technologically superior. The Noricore software platform is designed to help manage and control the operation of power delivery systems.

Interface of Noricore's customizable control platform highlighting flexible plugin-based architecture

Customisable Control with Noricore Platform

With a flexible plugin-based architecture, our system allows for a high degree of customisation and can easily be tailored to meet the specific requirements.

Noricore control systems deployed for grid scale and mobile battery storage, emphasizing versatility

Versatile and Robust Control Systems

Our large library of existing plugins and the ability to easily integrate new plant into the platform make it simple to rapidly deploy complete and sophisticated grid scale power delivery systems.
The Noricore control system is currently in use across a large portfolio of several hundred megawatts, and is able to control both pure battery energy storage sites, temporary mobile battery facilities and hybrid sites that integrate traditional energy generation.

Graphical representation of Noricore's proven track record in delivering custom solutions for energy management

Proven Track Record and Custom Solutions

With a proven track record of grid scale developments and smaller mobile units, the Noricore control system can deliver against a wide range of complex tasks.
Because we use the system in-house for our own projects, we adapt to market changes and new requirements without delay.