Mobile Battery System

View of a Konik Mobile Battery System in operation, showcasing its deployment in a dynamic containment setting

About Our Mobile Battery System

Konik’s mobile battery system is our most innovative product. The system is a versatile and portable energy storage solution designed to provide on-the-go power for a variety of applications. Comprising rechargeable batteries, control systems, and integrated power inverters, these systems aim to disrupt the use of fossil fuel generation for temporary power.

Key Features

Illustration of compact and portable energy storage system design by leading battery storage developers in the UK and Ireland

Compact Designs

Our systems are designed to be compact, making them easy to transport and deploy in any setting.

Icon showcasing lightweight construction of mobile battery storage systems, optimized by top UK and Ireland energy storage developers

Lightweight Construction

Lightweight materials and design ensure that our mobile battery systems are easy to move and set up.

Diagram of energy storage system supporting complex use cases, demonstrating battery storage optimisation for grid-tied and island operations

Complex Use Cases

Our systems are capable of island or grid-tied opperation, with or without supporting or backup generation, making them ideal for a wide range of applications.


Outdoor Events

Powering events like the Coldplay Music of the Spheres world tour, high-reliability systems for concerts and festivals.

Coldplay Music of the Spheres world tour powered by battery storage developers in the UK and Ireland for high-reliability energy systems at outdoor events

Construction Sites

Providing essential power at construction sites, saving emissions where grid power is unavailable or insufficient.

Essential power provision by energy storage developers in the UK and Ireland at a construction site, showcasing battery storage optimisation

Emergency Response

Supporting emergency response efforts with portable power.

Portable power support for emergency response by top battery storage optimisation developers, UK and Ireland

Recreational Activities

Reducing noise and emission impacts of temporary events, such as powering the ice rink in Cheltenham.

Ice rink in Cheltenham powered by environmentally friendly battery storage, reducing noise and emissions for recreational activities

System Mobility and User Interface

The mobility of our Konik battery systems allows for easy transportation and deployment in diverse environments.

Equipped with user-friendly interfaces featuring digital displays, these systems enable users to monitor battery levels, manage power consumption, and control charging and discharging functions.

Integration with Renewable Energy

In addition to their standalone applications, mobile battery systems can complement renewable energy sources like solar panels, acting as a storage solution to store excess energy generated during sunny periods for use during low-light or nighttime conditions.

This enhances the overall efficiency and reliability of off-grid or partially off-grid power setups.

Flexibility and Evolution

The flexibility of mobile battery systems makes them valuable for organisations seeking reliable and independent power sources in areas with unreliable grid access or during temporary events.

These systems contribute to energy resilience, allowing users to maintain essential power for various activities without being tethered to a fixed electrical infrastructure.

Most importantly, our mobile battery units displace diesel usage of generators for temporary energy supply. Widescale adoption of mobile battery systems could reduce global diesel usage by 5%.

As technology advances, mobile battery systems continue to evolve, incorporating improvements in battery technologies, energy management systems, and integration with smart technologies for more efficient and sustainable power solutions.

Our Activities

  • We have successfully powered many events in the UK, USA and Europe, such as the Cold Play tour, the Jubilee celebrations, Glastonbury, and not least the Cheltenham Ice Rink right next to our office.
  • The Ice Rink alone saved around 39,000 litres of diesel over an eight week period!
  • We can custom design and build a system to your specification.

We welcome a variety of collaborations in utilising our mobile battery system.

If you are interested, please contact us to learn more about how we can help