View of potential land development site for Noriker's Landowner's Portal, highlighting opportunities for landowners

Land Opportunites

Noriker's emblem showcasing the Noriker horse, symbolizing strength and reliability in land development
Illustrative render of a land lease project by Noriker, showcasing potential land development opportunities
Construction phase of a Noriker development site, highlighting sustainable land use and energy project construction
Noriker's engagement in public consultation for land development, ensuring community involvement and transparency
Operational Noriker energy storage site, demonstrating efficient land use and renewable energy integration
Responsible site decommissioning by Noriker, with a focus on environmental restoration and sustainability
Showcasing local benefits of Noriker's land development projects, including job creation and community support

Land Agreement

Noriker Power either purchase land or enter into a long-term lease to build a temporary Battery Energy Storage System Site on your land. Our projects have a life cycle of 25 to 45 years after which the land is restored to it's original state.

Site Construction

The construction of the site is conducted under strict National guidelines and is designed to cause minimal impact to the local population and the surrounding area.

Public Consultation

Noriker Power seeks to engage the local community from very early in the project's life cycle. This includes face-to-face consultations and online forums. Following our public consultations we listen to and implement suggestions where possible.

Site Decommissioning

When our lease ends, we return the land back to exactly how it was prior to the lease and reuse or recycle all materials and equipment used on the site.

Site Operation

The battery sites operate within local and national noise levels and produce zero emissions and light pollution.
We design the sites to minimise the effect on the surroundings and increase biodiversity.

Local Benefits

Wherever possible, our projects utilise locally sourced materials and use local consultants to undertake work. Our contractors stay in the local area, and utilise amenities in the community.

How We Support Land Owners

  • No Costs
    • There are no costs payable by the land owner, we pay for everything. Your Land Agents fees and Legal costs, Planning, Permits and Land rights that are required for the project.

  • Decommisioning and Restoration
    • At the end of the lease we decommission our projects and return the land back to how it was at the start of the lease.

  • Point of Contact
    • We will be your point of contact for any queries or issues at any point during the planning, development, and construction processes.

  • Land Owners Portal
    • We provide access to our Landowner's portal which contains information and a named point of contact through the planning and construction phases

Frequently Asked Questions

If you own land that might be suitable for battery or photovoltaic projects, please feel free to contact us. Noriker Power Ltd would be happy to undertake a free, no-obligation feasibility study to investigate the possibilities of using your land.
How can I find out if my land is suitable for a renewable energy project?

We would be happy to analyse the potential of your land, free of charge and without obligation. Together, we will find the optimal site to develop our battery and photovoltaic projects. For this purpose, we employ fully-qualified experts for site evaluation, design and assessment. We use desktop geographical analysis tools, take into account nature conservation, the ecological impact and evaluate the electrical infrastructure.

What costs should I expect?

None. Noriker Power Ltd will bear all costs and expenses of project development and implementation; no expenses are incurred by the land owners. This also applies in the event that the project cannot be realised. Noriker Power Ltd bears all costs arising from the land lease agreement including Land Agent fees, land registration fees and legal costs.

Why is it necessary to sign a contract at an early stage of planning?

Project development is time-consuming and financially expensive. We use expert reports and assessments which incur high costs. Noriker Power Ltd can only bear these costs if it is ensured that the land owner will go through with the project with us. The written consent of the owner is also a prerequisite so that Noriker Power Ltd can discuss the project with local and national authorities. Owners are given a right of termination in the event that the project cannot be realised.

Who pays for possible damage of my property?

Noriker Power Ltd is liable for all the damages that occur in the construction, operation and dismantling of the battery and/or photovoltaic equipment. Furthermore, Noriker Power Ltd pay for the reinstatement of the land back to its original state. For this purpose, we provide a Parent Company Guarantee of Reinstatement that covers the dismantling and reinstatement period. We also take out insurance for the entire construction and operation period. In the unlikely event that forest or field damage occurs during work on the battery or photovoltaic sites, Noriker Power Ltd will fully compensate the owner or tenant.

How can I be sure that the land lease will be paid as agreed?

Noriker Power Ltd is backed by Equinor, A Global energy supplier with an S&P rating of AA- (Oct '23), who provides energy to over 170 million people worldwide. They aim to be a net zero emmissions company by 2050, creating value through the opportunities provided by the energy transition.

Why should I choose Noriker Power Ltd?

Noriker Power Ltd has a portfolio of active sites exceeding 350MW of battery storage with three active 50MW sites. We operate both hybrid sites, which utilise engines alongside batteries, and large-scale energy storage sites all across the UK. With accepted grid connections for battery storage in excess of 2GW that will be developed between 2024 and 2033, Noriker Power Ltd is one of the largest battery developers and operator in the UK.