Project Management

Dynamic team of project managers at Noriker Power strategizing over a project blueprint, embodying effective project management practices

Our Approach

Noriker Power follows a waterfall approach to project management, with elements of agile, progressing through phases sequentially to de-risk and prioritise the most enticing opportunities, while maintaining the ability to rapidly adapt to opportunities or emerging problems.

monitoringSequential Phases

Each project progresses sequentially, ensuring a focus on de-risking and standardisation.

licenseQuality and Throughput

By standardising requirements, we improve project quality and efficiency.

has continued to build upon these capabilities, focused on:

Project Development


Front of Meter (FOM)

Development of near-term large projects


Engineering design

Planning, structuring, and procurement for large, transmission connected BESS


Site Construction and Operation

Build and project manage flexible energy assets

Project Manager

Illustration of the full project lifecycle managed by Noriker Power's project managers, from origination to completion and commissioning, highlighting their comprehensive involvement

Full Project Lifecycle

Our project managers guide each venture from origination to completion and commissioning.

Being involved through all stages of development and build gives our project managers a uniquely informed position.

Management Aspects

Handling all aspects, from risk mitigation, contractor negotiations, stakeholder management and more.

This level of oversight, close relationship with the engineering teams, and inclusion of agile methods, allows for rapid response to issues and removes reliance on external parties to resolve those issues.

Detailed overview of project management aspects including risk mitigation, contractor negotiations, and stakeholder management by Noriker Power

Our Commitment

Noriker Power takes immense pride in the successful completion of all its projects, due to the central role the company takes.
This pride translates through to the quality of delivery and dedication of the team to achieve its targets.

Visual representation of Noriker Power's dedication to project quality and the team's drive to meet targets, embodying our core values
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