Project Delivery

View of a project site in Wickham during the project delivery phase, showcasing Noriker Power's expertise in energy project management

Project Delivery

The key to the success of all projects it is involved in, Noriker are responsible for design optimisation, control system integration, and project management.

Noriker uses its industry-leading experience and innovative approach to enhance, improve, and streamline this crucial phase of projects.

Noriker Power's project delivery strategy, emphasizing design optimization, control system integration, and comprehensive project management
Detailed planning and pre-construction activities at a Noriker Power project site, highlighting the importance of thorough preparation and technical relationships


A project's success depends on its preparation. From the close and highly technical relationships we maintain with our key suppliers, though to robust and well specified contracts, we ensure the projects are both engineered and structured to deliver.

Once in construction our project management team keeps the project on schedule while ensuring it is built to standards and specifications, with safety at the top of the agenda.

Quality & Commissioning

With the integration of controls, engineering design, and commercial service into a single team, commissioning has become a core strength of our project delivery.

Noriker employs a process honed by successful projects and combined with accelerated on-site problem solving and developer expertise, enables commissioning to be completed quickly and efficiently.

Working closely with our contractors, our team can condense commissioning into as little as 3-4 weeks, delivering a site into commercial operation rapidly.

Noriker Power team overseeing quality control and commissioning, ensuring the project meets high standards of safety and efficiency
View of an operational energy storage site, illustrating Noriker Power's focus on operations and asset optimization for maximum efficiency

Operations & Asset Optimisation

Noriker's role in operations and asset optimisation ensures that each commissioned site fully meets the latest and most demanding commercial requirements.

Along with testing and operational approval, Noriker performs quality control sign-off, focusing on safety, operational capability, contract conformance, and build quality.