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Services and Products

Project development

Noriker Power develops sites from either semi-progressed projects by a previous developer, extensions to existing sites, or a complete origination of green-field opportunities.

Any previous works are subject to rigorous due diligence screening, where possible risks are identified and assessed. Our team's expertise can also help realise deeper development opportunities beyond the initial proposals for a site

For green field opportunities, Noriker Power follows a 'cradle to cradle' approach – from landowner negotiations to stakeholder engagement. The process begins with identifying potential land parcels, then progressing to the grid connection offer stage, and an application for planning permission. Our team of experts is responsible for developing hundreds of MWs to date, and our experience in this area allows for swift, efficient and intelligent management of this process.

Site design is appraised by our innovative engineers to ensure buildability, adaptability, and compliance. Layouts are planned to facilitate upgrades as and when new technology becomes available. With an expected lifespan of between 25 – 30 years, our method provides maximal value to stakeholders, minimises environmental impact and maintains our position at the forefront of technical capability.

Noriker takes immense pride in the completion of each of its high-quality projects. We establish close communication with a broad range of subcontractors and maintain consistent management through the design to construction transition.

[Construction site]
Noriker's first site beginning construction in 2015

Project delivery

Noriker Power is key to the success of all projects it is involved in, responsible for design optimisation, control system integration and project management. Noriker uses its industry leading experience and innovative approach to improve, advance and streamline this critical phase of projects.

Beginning with pre-construction, our project management keeps the project on schedule as well as ensuring it is built to standard and specification. Achieving this involves coordinating with numerous different parties, checking design / construction quality, carrying out live project commissioning and finally sign off.

With the integration of controls, engineering design and commercial service into a single team, commissioning has become a core strength of our project delivery, and Noriker employ a process honed and refined by many successful projects. This experience, combined with accelerated on-site problem solving and on-hand developer expertise, enables commissioning to be completed swiftly and efficiently. Working in close support with our contractors, our team is able to condense commissioning into as little as 3 - 4 weeks, delivering a site rapidly into commercial operation.

Noriker's role in operations and asset optimisation ensures that each site commissioned fully matches the latest and most demanding requirements of its commercial stack. Along with testing and operational approval, Noriker perform quality control sign off, focusing on core aspects of safety, operational capability, contract conformance and build quality.

Our second hybrid storage site during commissioning in 2017

Asset optimisation (Trading)

Noriker's Trading Team delivers optimisation services for flexible energy assets 24/7.

Utilising a combination of asset backed and proprietary trading strategies, our team creates value enhancing opportunities for your flexible energy assets across the day-ahead, intraday and balancing markets. Our bespoke semi-automated trading tools allow us to maximise returns 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We work to continuously re-optimise asset dispatch, unwinding and rebalancing positions to generate additional revenue.

By managing the stacking of asset optimisation and trading stacking around other revenue streams such as Frequency Response services and the BM, we provide full route-to-market. We are able to control a diverse portfolio of use cases, from grid-scale front-of-meter to distributed behind-the-meter assets with demand loads, and technologies such as battery, gas peaker, renewables and hybrids.

As the UK energy mix transitions towards net zero, our team's understanding of this rapidly changing landscape is ready to support fresh investment opportunities. A new market structure requires a novel breed of forward thinking asset optimisers with flexibility at its core.

[Trading Team]
24/7 Trading Team

Control systems & Integration

Noriker Power implements, operates and manages all our flexible generation facilities using our propriatory Real-Time SCADA system. To date 11 sites, over 250MW, of battery storage and hybrid capacity have at their heart Noricore® control system software.

Our software eco-system consists of three main parts:

  • VMAT – A database application which allows central management of plant and process variables to map plant integration to the SCADA system and portfolio data repositories;

  • Noricore® - A highly modular, technically advanced and flexible system architecture, that allows for deep plant integration and rapid adaptation to potentially complex new requirements. Whether adding a demanding new service with last minute specifications, such as Dynamic Containment, or bolting on a new industrial protocol for a DNO, this flexibility keeps Noricore based projects on track and first into market.

  • APIs – Support for integration to in house and third party monitoring, asset optimisation and operations, offering either full Balancing Service "select and forget" modes, or site-safe "virtual pass-through" plant set-point control. The APIs support Noricore's dynamic site segregation, that allows large battery sites to be split into two logical batteries, each providing a separate, stacked service.

The system integrates the response from all energy sources on site, delivering hybridised control strategies to customer or service specifications, for example; all balancing services relevant to batteries, while actively managing battery state of charge within service permitted tolerances.

Ancillary toolsets include; diagnostics, monitoring, commissioning and testing. The toolsets ensure our commissioning team deploy, test and complete their tasks with unprecedented efficiency, dramatically compressing time from energisation to commercial operation.

The Noricore system is based on highly advanced hardware and software components that integrate a large range of industrial protocols, such as Modbus, CAN, DNP3 and IEC 61850, with direct hardwire interfaces and sensing, from millisecond digital input to half cycle power quality metering and phasor measurement units. Noricore has the technical sophistication and extensibility to adapt to any future service that a site could be capable of physically delivering, without costly re-engineering of the SCADA system.

[Noricore Design]
Control System Design

Data services

Noriker has developed its own bespoke cloud infrastructure, which orchestrates the flow of site-generated data. Our controllers continuously measure and collect from multiple data sources, dependent on each specific site's operational profile, collating these data at dynamically variable rates into a central data processing hub. The data hub processes and aggregates in near real-time, and then streams data to a number of data receivers. These include a master cloud database, our web-based site monitoring platform, and a cloud file store for selected streams that need closer analysis by our project engineers. Our 220MW site portfolio generates over 25 million data points per day.

Separately, the on-site controllers directly interface with external consumers of data through a range of APIs, including high speed metering, to support third party asset optimisers, or direct to the National Grid data concentrator.

Our energy trading team is also highly data-intensive. A second data hub server gathers trading-related market data from sources Europe-wide, and processes these through various analysis engines into a custom database, for use by our suite of trading analysis tools.

A comprehensive security architecture has been built around our data cloud, to protect the integrity of the data and the systems that process it.

[Data flow]
Fast-expanding network infrastructure to support dataflow into the cloud