Software Development

View symbolizing the innovative and dynamic nature of software development at Noriker Power

Infrastructure Team

Our infrastructure group looks after our cloud platforms, site networks, security, and office infrastructure.

Noriker Power's infrastructure team managing cloud platforms and security, highlighting our robust IT backbone for energy solutions
Noriker Power's development team in action, focusing on system integration and cloud services for efficient energy management

Development Team

The development team designs and implements system integration using APIs and cloud services to support our battery assets and project control systems.

Software Tools

The development team builds and maintains a wide range of bespoke software tools and trading algorithms for:

  • laptop Asset Optimisation
  • settings_ethernet Site Monitoring
  • data_usage Data Processing
  • visibility Visualisation
  • flash_on Energy Trading
  • build Controls Automation

Team Collaboration

The team embraces agile methodologies, allowing for iterative development and fast adaptations to changing priorities.



Developers engage in frequent discussions to understand project requirements, design software architecture, and write efficient and maintainable code.



Testing is a shared responsibility, with developers actively participating in both unit testing and collaborative code reviews.



Continuous integration and deployment practices help maintain a streamlined development pipeline.